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About Me

I’m a Hoosier, not an Indianan. I was born on the east side of The Region, or Chicagoland, in Michigan City. I lived there until my early thirties, when I moved to LaPorte, about 20 miles (and a high-school rivalry) away. A move to Indianapolis came after a while, and then a move to Morristown, located square in the middle of Nowhere, Indiana. See? Hoosier all the way. I worked in factories for far too many years, married the love of my life, fostered (and then adopted) a great kid, worked in factories for a while longer, and was invited to join the world of web developers. It’s been the life of the cubicle mole ever since. Some days I really miss my forklift. I still have a Hyster key around here somewhere. Maybe I’ll just show up on a dock somewhere and fill in for a day.

That’s not to say I don’t like what I do for a living. I love it. I think there is incredible potential for the web to bring people together, and it that promise is finally starting to be met. Couple that with a drive for professionalism among web folks, and you have a picture of an exciting time to be in this industry.

So there you have it. I’ve done honest work, by-the-numbers work and brainless work. I really enjoy building websites, and I really enjoyed my forklift. I liked living in the city, and I liked living in the country. I also tired of both at various times. Such is life. Nothing is black and white. Except I love my wife and kid always.


This is the sixth iteration of the website. The first was incredibly ugly, and I don’t think I even have any examples of it anymore. It was icky and short-lived. I don’t even think the Wayback Machine has a record of it.

The second version lasted several months. It had a nice little Flash navigation (a major no-no for me these days) and made use of my name in odd ways.

The third version was my Multimedia Production Worker site, and I really liked that one. I still do. The design was based on old Soviet posters, and was built when I was doing assembly-line multimedia and web work. Some research went into the design on that one, and it was an attempt to land myself a job in a creative environment. That goal wasn’t immediately realized, but I still was able to put food on the family, as the wise man once said.

The fourth version was a half-hearted attempt to set up a WordPress site for myself. The design was a modified WordPress theme, but it did feature my Polish chickens you see at the top of this page. Being as busy as I was, I was never able to properly blog. It died the sad death the too many blogs do. Maybe I’ll pay more attention to this one.

The fifth version was a nice big Drupal-powered site, complete with photo gallery. It was nice and roomy, but I grew tired of it. It’s nice to shed your skin sometimes. So, I’m back to a WordPress-powered site, with a spiffy, modestly-tweaked Mimbo theme, originally created by Darren Hoyt. I was looking for inspiration after making the decision to move back to WordPress, and I really like what this one has to offer. Nice job, Darren. You’re going to make me focus on content to fill this thing up.

So there you go. I’m really just one more just a guy with a website.

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