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The DirtbombsYou know how it is. You get a song in your head, and it just sticks there. sometimes it’s worse; you get a whole album stuck in there, and it’s tough to shake. When that happens to me, I try to play the hell out of it, memorize it, internalize it, then play a favorite old album that’s become part of my DNA a few times to cleanse my brain. Usually something like Prong’s “Beg to Differ” or Brown Betty’s “Thriller” will do it, although something softer like Guster’s “Goldfly” can do it, too.

But what do you do when you get an entire band stuck in your head? Especially one as goofy, noisy and downright fun as The Dirtbombs? Being a kinda old guy who isn’t in the thick of the music scene can have its advantages. When you discover something you really like, especially something off the beaten path like this band from Detroit, you’re likely to find a whole catalog you can dive into. My first exposure to them was a few years ago, when I heard a particularly fun track on Sirius. I filed it away for a later time. Then I saw they had a new album out, stumbled across their catalog on eMusic, downloaded a few things, and now I just can’t stop listening to this stuff. Dammit.

Fronted by Mick Collins on fuzzed-out guitar, the band also includes a rotating lineup filling out the two bass and two drum spots. It is an incredible, sometimes totally insane, sound these people make, and definitely made to be played LOUD as hell.

For a history of the band, hit Wikipedia. I would highly recommend picking up Ultraglide in Black, an album which consists mostly of old soul covers. It’s a hell of a good time. This year’s We Have You Surrounded is pretty darned good too. Buy it. The fun thing about these albums is that they’re all built around a theme. Except for one; If You Don’t Already Have a Look. Well, that’s not correct; it’s theme is that it’s a 2-disc collection of singles and odd releases. One disc is originals, the other is covers. I can’t decide which is my favorite, although “Stuck Under My Shoe” on the disc of originals is nutty fun. Then again, Yoko Ono’s “Kiss Kiss Kiss” on the covers disc makes the song listenable. No small feat, that.

The Dirtbombs are coming to town in July. I think seeing them in person is going to have to be my next step. Maybe that will drive these crazy tunes out of my head.

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