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I just saw this in WFYI’s tweetstream – “Interested in designing the official WFYI Mobile App?? Here’s the link to details.

It links to an RFP for a pretty full-featured web app. I’m going to post it in full here, just in case you don’t want to hassle with the Word doc.

WFYI is central Indiana’s public broadcasting station, staffed by some pretty pretty decent, hardworking people (I used to work there, so trust me on this). They actually do a lot of outreach in the community beyond simply broadcasting, so this is a chance to do some good for the community. This is a pretty big step forward for them, and I’m glad to see it. If you think you are in a position to help out a great organization (and make some money in the process) check it out.



WFYI is seeking to select a mobile application developer to design and deploy the official WFYI app.

This request for proposals (“RFP”) seeks independent digital design and development firms to plan, create and produce the official WFYI mobile application. The primary goal is to provide easy, on the go access to WFYI’s unique services.


WFYI desires to develop and utilize a multiplatform, unique, interactive and compelling digital representation of our services. The goal is to provide our audience with all WFYI related content that might possibly be needed while using a mobile device.

WFYI’s mission reads:
As a trusted catalyst for lifelong learning, WFYI Public Media engages and enriches our community through distinctive programs and services.


WFYI would like a mobile app that gives our audience access to WFYI’s services at their fingertips. This includes television and radio schedules, the ability to listen to streaming radio, tune in reminders, program promotion, membership information, and event promotion and information.


The app must function on both the Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms
The app must display the WFYI television schedules
The app must display the WFYI radio schedules
The app must be able to offer tune in reminders for calendars
The app must be able to offer reminders as an email forward
The app must be able to offer reminders as a like on Facebook
The app must be able to offer reminders as a share on Twitter
The app must be able to stream the WFYI radio stations
The app must be able to play a message pre-roll on the streams
The app must link to WFYI’s YouTube channel
The app must have a “contribute now” button
The app must be able display banner ads
The app must be able to display the WFYI radio news RSS feed
The app must be able to display WFYI event promotion information
The app must be able to display WFYI Member Magazine Highlights
The app must have and alarm clock/sleep timer with stream stop/start
The app must display Indianapolis weather and traffic information


Objectives include, but are not limited to…

  • Increasing the reach of the mission of WFYI
  • Broaden access to social networking platforms already in use by WFYI
  • Disseminate information easily to attendees at our signature events
  • Integration with

Revenue Streams

Revenue streams would include easy access to membership renewal, as well as banner ads for underwriting clients.

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