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Responsive Shopping Cart (Completed 2012)

Cart Wireframes

Design Problem

Our old shopping cart design was fixed-width, making it rather cumbersome for users on non-desktop devices to use. How do we design a checkout process that works for our customers, regardless of device?


Since were were in the process of reworking our shopping cart, I proposed making it the first project in our responsive redesign initiative. This required a good deal more prototypes than we might normally do, since educating our product managers and other team members about the possibilities provided by using a responsive approach was important to our success.

Once the wireframes were approved, we moved forward. We have 8 e-commerce sites that share a common codebase, but they each have a unique template. I worked on the front end, handling the HTML, CSS and UI javascript for the base, and template tweaks where required for each site.

I created the wireframes in Pencil, using images maps and a bit of javascript to make them interactive.

Roles/Skills Used

On this project, I performed the roles of manager on the UX side, IXD, visual designer, and front-end coder (HTML, CSS, and JS). I initiated the project of making our e-commerce sites responsive, a project that is still rolling along as of late summer 2014.