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Responsive Product Page (Completed 2014)

Responsive Product Page

Design Challenge

In order to better serve visitors to our e-commerce sites who are using non-desktop clients more and more, we realized that we had to make our product pages mobile-friendly. Complicating the effort was the combinations of product types, formats and prices for thousands of products.

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Tabs to Modified Accordion Prototype

Tabs to Accordion

Design Problem

When we go to a responsive design on our product pages, one of the things we need to figure out a way to handle tabs. Since they require a lot of horizontal space, we need to work out the most lightweight way to change the display for narrow viewports, while still providing a great user experience.

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Newsletter Documentation

Design Problem

Our email newsletters were due for a redesign. The type was too small, the amount of copy was overbearing, and they were not optimized for mobile delivery. In addition, built by people with limited HTML knowledge. We needed a design that would appear modern, make the content seem less overwhelming, and which would be easy for content creators to update.

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