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The Gift of Time

My little Isis Renee

There are many good points in this quick little post about working remotely from Jason Zimdars, but this is my favorite: “My daughter comes home starving. Taking 10 minutes to make her a snack makes both of our days. She could totally do it herself and I could totally keep working but which 10 minutes am I going to remember? Which will she remember?”

Since I was lucky enough to be able to start working from home by default a few months ago, the Most Unexceptional part of my day is when Isis gets off the bus. I have a snack ready for her, we chat about the day, and she dives right into homework. It’s a great routine, and removes a lot of the stress induced by after-school activities. The gift of easy, fun time with my little girl is the Most Unexceptional thing I could ask for 🙂

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